Microsoft and VMware present the Academic Alliance Program. Academic Alliance is the easiest and most inexpensive way for students and faculty in the technology to get the latest Microsoft and VMWare software they need.
Information and Communication Engineering Technology Department (ICET / SETAS) is licensed under the Academic Alliance Program which enables eligible students and faculty members to access software available under the program.
All students registered in Certificate, Diploma or Software and Computer Network Programs you will automatically be registered to download the Microsoft and VMware products.
To begin, you will receive activation link on your My Centennial College e-mail and simply click the link to activate.
E-mail sent out to all ICET Students and Faculty to beginning of every semester.
If you are registered in a class offered by the ICET/SETAS department, the answer is yes! The department pays an annual fee for a membership subscription which allows you to download any of the available software titles at NO COST to you.
There are more titles available than are listed on the software selection page. If there is something you need and can't find, you may contact program administrator.

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